The Subconscious 

Functions and attributes: 

1)      Its primary function is memory

2)      It controls the entire operation of the physical body, though some of this control is shared by the conscious mind

3)      It is the source of all emotions and feelings

4)      It is the source of all mental and physical habits and behavior

5)      It is the means by which the conscious mind perceives experience and acts upon it

6)      It is the receiver and transmitter of all psychic phenomena

7)      Its prime directive is to grow

8)      It reasons logically although it often time seems to reason illogically to the conscious mind

9)      It obeys orders 

The subconscious is like a computer and it contains the mental program or programs that we run on. 

The subconscious does not ever work against your best interests from ITS POINT OF VIEW. Whenever the subconscious seems to be opposing you, it is because it is following previous orders that you or others gave it that it accepted. It has to follow previous orders until they are replaced. If your subconscious is producing unpleasant physical symptoms, it is to avoid something worse. 

Hypnosis is essentially a process where the subconscious is convinced that something is true.